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Video Poker


In many cases flash games or poker applications created for computers and mobile devices, unlike the case with video poker rooms and not allowed to play against other players, so we can not apply the knowledge acquired in the same way you would when playing against humans. One of the great successes of poker is to play against other users, so this type of arcade games related to video poker where the user must go eliminating opponents to advance screens or you can play tournaments against virtual players have not arrived to convince video poker players.

The best-known title of this type is the Governor of Video Poker, a game that despite the limitations mentioned and only the user faces the machine, has attracted the sympathy of many users thanks to the entertainment offered. Try some top Norwegian online casinos here at

The main advantages of this type of flash applications and games is that there is no need internet connection to enjoy poker, plus it can be played in short periods of time, such as when you're waiting for a friend or in the doctor's office and have no problem when completing the game when you end the wait. In this section we include all computer flash games and applications for mobile (Android, ions) you can play video poker against other users but do not allow the option to play for real money at video poker rooms not common. In this group are also poker games that can be found on social networking sites like face book.

Such games could be located on the same level as the play money games that offer poker rooms, although not comparable due to several differences. For such games the vast majority of users do not master the rules, so that its behavior does not resemble, or even looks, the game used in the poker for real money.