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In Blackjack is very important to know what is the move that gives us a better chance to beat the dealer by providing a score superior to his, but never exceed 21, it is important to be able to understand. When it is advisable to hit, and when it is best to stick with what you already own, or even find out whether or not it double, split hands or practice other moves under the rules of blackjack.

So the first thing to do is calculate the sum of two cards of his hand, and with a total score equal to or less than 8, not thinking much about Stand in it, first ask for paper, but should always stop if it happens once a hard 17 19 hand or a soft hand.


Bingo offers its users a very advanced technology, which allows you to bring many benefits to 'gaming experience at The graphics were created in flash and recalls the '60s and this makes it even more enjoyable the journey in this magical world of bingo.

Bingo Day offers the possibility to choose different rooms in which to play, always new places characterized by different patterns of play and almost always equipped with the "chat room" and "team chat". The highly evolved software Bingo Day offers even the possibility to keep their play under control thanks to some special functions: the key 'story' for example, displays all the matches played previously.