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Slots in a Perfect World

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Perhaps the problem is zero vision . The dream of the perfect world. Utopia. We want to create a society where no one dies in traffic. Where no suffer from gambling addiction, obesity, self-inflicted disease. Utopian visions are undeniably seductive. We all want to live in such a world. The question is whether it is at all realistic. In a perfect world had no running car while drunk. Or had it in a perfect world has been possible to drive safely while drunk?

Casino games have existed for thousands of years. Some of us have it in their blood. Gambling, it is in our human nature.Authorities have tried and will try again and again, to control the situation through regulation, but it will never succeed. Authorities eternal pursuit of the balance between freedom and restriction ends often as it must do, in endless failure.A total ban on slot machines and gambling will take gameplay underground, where operators even greater power, anarchy in which players must keep watch over the illegal operators.They play crazy we in any situation could find ways to bet away their money. Gamblers will continue to play.

Prohibition is not the solution. What we need is responsible operators with a range of games that players are satisfied with. The Norwegian ban on slot machines at malls and grocery stores, however, had a positive effect. We have after the ban received a much better offer of slots on the internet. The graphics have been improved, with 3D slots, video slots and generally more entertaining and rewarding games.

The gains have been greater. One can now win over 100 million in a single slot. It is a solid improvement from the few thousand patches you could win at the now destroyed Norwegian slots. Repayment has been very much better. Good casinos pay on average around 95% back to players. If you are lucky, you can of course obtain a formidable repayment of several thousand percent. It is still the foreign money games that delivers the absolute best games.