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Roulette Games

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In roulette, the time to place bets is rather long. During this time players can change their set up, change the value and even remove their implementation. The bets are accepted even though the wheel begins to spin. The dealer will announce the imminent end of time available for the installation of updates, crying "No more bets" when he says "the game is" nothing will move on the carpet. The game play is not very difficult to understand, however, it is best to master the rules of being able to play.

Presentation and explanation of the game of roulette The game of roulette is played on a particular gaming table. The panel is composed of a wheel and a carpet of play The roulette wheel has many slots numbered from 0 to 36. The number 0 is colored green, by every other number has a red or black. The box where the cue ball will stop the winning number.

The wheel is placed in a bowl-shaped container called "cylinder" and rotates about its central axis. As for the play mat, it has many divisions intended to provide different kinds of possible bets made by players. They sit around the table as the dealer and supervisors are often stand which gives them a good view of the gaming table, only the banker sits at the opposite end where the dealer. 

Play roulette does not require special tokens as the game of ball. The casino employees spot where players have submitted their application, they are at least three and have a big experience of roulette, nothing escapes them, and watch out for cheaters!  The rules of the game of roulette The game begins when the dealer shouts "Ladies and gentlemen are doing your games.