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Online Blackjack Strategy

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The BlackJack has fascinated many players of Casino and is rightly considered one of the most popular games of the Online Casino and land. Wanting to make a historical parenthesis of this Card Game, we note that the first documentation are of uncertain date although a version that can be defined very similar to the BlackJack is the "Seven and a Half", popular in Italy, appeared around the sixteenth century. The goal of the "Seven and a Half" is to approach with a combination of cards to the score of 7:30 whereas the figures (ie the seven, eight and nine) assume the value of "half", while the other cards retain their face value.

Many, however, confer on Spain authorship of BlackJack as a descendant of one and a half a game popular in this country in 1570, but the greatest popularity of BlackJack arrived ones amongst the United States, despite the early nineteenth century, the US government declared him illegal.From the Twenties the BlackJack was considered a game for gambling and became, paradoxically, even more popular and with the opening of the house of gambling such as the prestigious Casino of Las Vegas, and so the success of this game is extended to level Global.

Over the years this game attracted more and more interest among scholars and mathematicians like Roger Baldwin who in 1953 developed a statistical theory, computing systems in order to reduce the winning margin of the bench.There were numerous theories over the years to find a concretization of the 90s where a group of players, "MIT Blackjack Team", using techniques of counting cards accumulated millions of dollars until 1997, when they were expelled from the Casino , after being discovered by a private investigation company that deals with identifying players who use counting systems. All CIA inspired the movie "21" released in theaters about ten years later.

All this implies that to try winnings in this game serves elaborate a sort of strategire that we must follow in order to have a better chance of victory on the bench. No need to be graduate in mathematics in order to make money in this game, but it is certainly true that the BlackJack is based on numbers and calculations, and to win you have to keep in mind the techniques to be used in certain situations.