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Online Bingo

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Some sources would bingo originated in Italy during the 16th century and from the game was called 'Lo IguaƧu del Lotto. Then the game spread to France where he became very popular among both ordinary people and with the elite.

This lotto game is presented in tabular form divided into three horizontal lines and nine vertical columns. The columns contain the numbers 1 to 10 and could go up to 90 maximum.

The more you have more cards and your chances of winning are great. We must remember that the number of cards per player is the total number of players, while the value of each card is the amount that is wagered. Some think it is better to play with a maximum of cards, but do not forget to consider the number of players and the price of the card.

If you play with more than one card, make sure that the numbers are not the same on the other cards, because if the numbers are identical, the card may not be validated. The fewer players, less costs and the card you have more chances to win. In fact, we should not play during peak hours, when the number of players online is maximum.

The game with a jackpot largest in the key have a larger number of participants. Try online bingo. You can play Bingo and other games together. In addition, online bingo offers significant jackpots. Bingo is a game for everyone. Thanks to the service of online bingo chat you can chat with players around the world, share your experience, but also learn tricks.