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Where to Next for Mobile Casinos?


Mobile casinos have exploded in the last few years, totally changing the online gaming market. Now you can gamble any time and anywhere you have an internet connection – you just need a smartphone or tablet. Online casinos have always been the convenient and cheaper alternative to brick and mortar casinos, and mobile casinos just made it even more convenient. Young people, who surprisingly were not very quick on the uptake of online gambling, are much more on board with its mobile version. Currently, the mobile casino industry is still rocketing upwards as demand grows. But what next? What is the future of mobile casinos?

Better Technology

This is an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning. Over time, as technology develops, mobile casinos will have better graphics, more engrossing game options, and quicker and easier payment. Mobile casinos will also offer more and more variety, with games targeting specific audiences and more themed games. But there is a lot more that will happen with developing technology.

Virtual Reality

VR is undoubtedly part of the future of mobile gambling. We are still in the early days of VR, but there have already been smartphones developed that can turn into VR headsets: Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Cardboard. We are likely to see more and more of these phones on the market in the next few years, which is sure to be a game changer for mobile casinos. Using your smartphone, you will be able to feel like you are in a real casino, playing real slot machines and table games, all from your own home. You can enjoy online blackjack real money Canada casino games that feel as though you are seated at real table, or spin the reels of a slot by really pushing the spin button! Of course, these phones will be a little pricey, but as technology improves they should become cheaper.

Augmented Reality

AR merges virtual reality and your actual reality by overlaying videos and images onto your real surroundings. This makes for a fun and immersive gaming experience, without needing a specific headset or smartphone – it would be as simple as downloading an app. The world has already seen a highly popular AR gaming app – Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go really showed game developers what was possible in the realm of AR. It’s only a matter of time before more AR games and AR mobile casino apps start appearing.

Skill Based Gambling

Slots and other luck based forms of gambling still dominate mobile casino apps. However, in time, this is likely to change. Skill based games on mobile casinos will be able to go further than traditional table games like Blackjack and Poker. Imagine the fun of computer games, with the added thrill of betting. Skill based gambling on mobile casinos could also be multiplayer, where you could compete in a game with other players. It is hard to say exactly what this will look like: so stay tuned!


This brings us to our last point: interactivity. As technology improves, it will also become easier to share things and communicate with other players on mobile casinos. You could compete with other players, or simply communicate, turning the mobile casino into a social space not unlike brick and mortar casinos.

The future of mobile casinos promises greater variety and much more exciting and immersive experiences, while maintaining its convenience. So don’t let yourself miss out!