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Poker Android Smartphone - 3 Things you should know

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As many players are aware, online poker is now available through Android smartphones. This means that you can play poker hands whenever it's convenient. And when it's time to pick up your game and leave, you simply pocket your Android and go. But what else is there to know about poker Android smartphone play besides the obvious convenience benefit? Here are three more aspects that make mobile poker very attractive.

1. There are Lots of Recreational Players

Do you dream of finding a large pool of fish that you can make lots of money off of? Well, large amounts of fish are tougher to come by these days since poker strategy is so readily available. However, your best bet to find easy competition is in the mobile world. That's because many players are of the recreational variety since they're just looking for a convenient way to get some hands in. Furthermore, many pros avoid mobile poker because multi-tabling capabilities are limited.

2. New Developments are Constantly coming out

Android poker is still in its infancy, meaning there's a long way to go before sites are operating at full capacity. So if you try out a mobile poker site and feel disappointed that the options and capabilities don't live up to your laptop or PC, just know that developments are continually coming. New social elements, fast-fold poker variants and tournament play are some of the options that mobile poker rooms are currently adding to their offerings.

3. More Sites are Now Mobile

One final thing worth mentioning here is that a large number of internet poker sites are going mobile. Sure, the biggest sites have already established their mobile product years ago. But there are still some stragglers that have yet to make themselves compatible with Android smartphones. So if there is a smaller operation that you like, yet they don't have mobile capabilities, just know that this will likely be available in the near future.