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How Do Video Poker Tournaments Work?


The most frequently found types of video poker tournaments will have you paying a small entry fee, although this is not always required, and, once you enter it, you will be awarded with a certain amount of credits.

There will then be a limited time in which you try to play these credits out, and the aim is for you to gather as many winning hand combos as you can. These will then be turned into points and the player with the most points when the tournament time ends will be declared the winner.

Time is Not on Your Side

A very quick player in a video poker tournament that allows for 20 minute periods of play in order to determine the winner will only play around 500 hands. Although this seems like a big amount, when you take into consideration the fact that you can only expect a Royal once every 40 000 hands, it becomes less so.

Although the rules governing video poker tournaments will vary from site to site, they are usually timed, and the faster you play the more hands you will be able to complete, and the better your chance of seeing a Royal becomes.

Luck Determines the Outcome of Video Tournaments

Video poker tournaments are able to offer you a great deal of excitement and fun, and, although each 1 will have its own set of rules, they will all have 1 thing common: the winner will be determined largely by luck. Unlike the online craps Canada offers players, strategy will only help you minimally when it comes to video poker tournaments. But every little bit helps, and we recommend you Favour a Royal.

The Favour a Royal Strategy

The idea governing this strategy is that hitting a Royal will give you a better chance of winning in a video poker tournament. When you only save cards that could lead to a Royal, you improve your chances of hitting one, and this should be your focus as you play.

The Favour a Royal strategy is very easy to implement, and will not require too much time, which is a very important factor. If the hand which you have been dealt does not hold any cards that will make a Royal, you discard it. You will only hold on to cards that could make up the desired hand: so, you would discard a 3 of a Kind, or even a 4 of Kind if it is less than 10s. If you are dealt four 3s and a 10, then you would throw the 3s away, holding on to the 10 because this is the card that could make up a Royal Flush.

Practice This Strategy at Home

If you have some sort of video poker software available on your computer, then set the pay table so that it will only pay you out for the Royal. The strategy then generated for the game will become the Royals Only approach, and you will quickly be able to gain confidence playing this way. Once you see how simple it is, you will have no problem playing more quickly, and this will very positively affect your timed tournament play!